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SwiftGet™ Customized Sales Contact Management System

Our pricing structure for our SwiftGet product varies depending on your business. In addition to the initial setup and customization of your software, we offer a per seat fee and reduce the prices for groups that sign up at once.

Web Design and
Corresponding Software

Our pricing structure was developed to better benefit potential clients who have very limited start-up funds, giving them a lower total cost of entry onto the web. This gives them room to add to their site or service as their business (and revenue) grows. We encourage you to check around with other web companies so you will feel confident about the direction you choose to take. We're certain that NightFyre will be one of the best alternatives available.

The pricing structure is broken into tiers:

The primary differences between these tiers are the level of customization allowed, ownership, and price. Below is an explanation of each tier and what it offers.

The Start-Up Tier:
Initial Cost: $138
$99 Setup
$30 Monthly Hosting and Service
$9 Domain Registration.

The Start-up option is designed for the lowest initial investment, opting for pre-made sites with default content and a limited level of customization (text only, no graphics). Also, the site is leased for a monthly service fee, meaning that the client has free use of the site's layout and "look and feel" until they choose to terminate the relationship. They do not actually own the files or design. Furthermore, other people can use the same design, as the files are not unique to any one client or company. This tier is very similar to leasing a vehicle.

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