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Web Design and Corresponding Software (cont.)

The Unique Tier:
Initial Cost: $508
$499 Site Ownership Price
$9 Domain Registration.

Optional: $30 Monthly Hosting and Service & NightFyre Content Management System (CMS), bundled.

The Unique option is for those with a little more to invest initially and who want to "brand" the look and feel of an existing site. This option gives the power to actually purchase any pre-made site and effectively take it off of the market. No other person or company that is affiliated with NightFyre can use that particular design and the files will be emailed to the purchasing client.
The level of service increases also. Graphics are now customizable, both initially and throughout the monthly service plan, if elected. Web-savvy clients can either find their own hosting and service elsewhere or opt to use the monthly service plan, which includes the CMS by default.

The Custom Tier:
Initial Cost: $1008
$999 Custom Development, Consulting and Site Ownership Price
$9 Domain Registration.

The Custom option gives the client the ability to have their site built from the ground up, with just their endeavor as the focal point of the development. Just as in the Unique tier, branding is the main intent, however instead of ownership of pre-made sites, they will own a completely new design to fit their specifications. The purchasing client will receive the completed files and still retain the option of the monthly service plan, bundled with the CMS.
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