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With an innovative approach utilizing various existing resources and technologies, NightFyre provides an integrated internet solution to help companies quickly build a professional internet presence with very little overhead. Our approach provides small businesses with the visibility necessary to develop the identity that corresponds to the defined direction of the each individual company.

Highly visible, organized sites achieve business results

The three most important functions a website must perform are: helping companies reach prospects, assisting in converting those prospects to a customers, and transforming those customers into referral sources. This is accomplished through site interactivity, expertise in your field or profession, as well as providing a memorable and positive user experience. Your site acts as a 24 hour business card, it works for you even when you are not working.

Our Designs
Achieving the full functionality of your site is done by keeping your prospective customers the focal point of each design. Clean, fast and well-organized designs, with current and compelling information, can draw intellectual and emotional responses from your visitors. By eliciting such a response, you'll provide a memorable experience that not only increases customer stickiness but also drives the most effective, and least expensive, marketing there is: word-of-mouth referrals.

Two Solutions. One Goal.
Our packages are designed to be simple to understand from the outset, with only two choice:
  • We offer highly attractive and highly affordable layouts (equipped with an online site editor) designed to give the smallest of businesses the power to get online within hours, completely customizing their site at will. With our layouts, the overall look and feel of their site can be changed with the click of a button. Small businesses will have the capabilities that some larger companies pay obscene amounts of money for, but at a fraction of their incurred expense.
  • Also available are uniquely designed custom sites, constructed to tailor to a small businesses' every specific attribute. Custom sites perform the duty of setting a company apart from the pack. Aside from their custom site, these businesses will have access to all of the layouts offered as well as the site editor.

May, 6 2008
Welcome to our new site! As you can see we have had a major overhaul. NightFyre has been going through so many wonderful changes and we are so excited to share them with you.
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Apr, 10 2008
Design and deployment of Shepardsuperteam.com, A financial services company based out of Atlanta. Sam and Elaine Shepard are the head of the Superteam and together they have helped others secure their financial futures

Customization of NightFyre BCM v.0.9 is being tailored to meet our clients needs.
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March, 28 2008
Development on the NightFyre Web Management software is well under way. To find out more about our upcoming software and how it can help you, see our Services page for the details.
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